710 Amsterdam Art Fair

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August 8, 2019
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August 16, 2019

710 Amsterdam Art Fair

The city of Amsterdam is a home of numerous festivals and every year it organizes national as well as international events, promoting and celebrating a different aspect of the Netherlands’ culture and art scene. This year, this gorgeous city got a new and fresh addition to the festival world – the 710 Amsterdam Art Fair which is the first live glass blowing and street art event of the Netherlands!

This year, the month of July was a great month for the 710 Amsterdam Art Fair organizers! The fair lasted four days, starting from the 12th until the 15th of July and created an amazing environment for partying and enjoying for both, the artists and the guests!

The Art Fair was located at the Atelier Schinkel and its organizer Raymond has said the main inspiration for creating this event was the fact that the other cannabis events were not interesting enough! His idea was to create an event that would merge both the cannabis industry with the world of art, giving an opportunity to a great number of participants to show what they are good at while providing easy access for the people of the Netherlands to enjoy art and have fun.

Raymond points out that the main charm of this fair is the heavy dose of creativity and bringing glass artists, street artists and ceramic artists together is what makes this cannabis event different than many others, turning this fair into a great chance to show the world that cannabis events can be much more than just cannabis events and that the cannabis culture of the Netherlands is not boring.

One of the most attractive traits of the 710 Amsterdam Art Fair is the fact that it offered a free entrance. Usually, the entrance to events of this kind costs more than $200, making it difficult for many interested people to afford a ticket. This fair also gives the opportunity to guests to meet the artists and talk to them, ask them questions, get informed and even participate in the creation of some art pieces.

The 710 Amsterdam Art Fair also has a goal to inform and educate, which is, again, yet another reason this event is original. Over the 4 days of the event, there were demonstrations, workshops, network dinners and meetings organized. Such were the Frenchy Cannoli’s hash workshop, the hash talk with Mila Frenchy, Mike Raheem, Bobby and the USA Squash Off.

The full list of artists and participants included the Glass Artists: Badabing Glaswerk, Smurf Glass Art, Merlin glass, Tytalternative, Originalglass, Brightonglass, Glasshaze, Bethhlglass, Jordy Minnick, Tsari glass and Burtangoglass; the Street Artists: Adam Fu, Dr. Morph, Dopie.dsk, Tim Simons, Moltison, Ah res ism, Re(d)cycle art, Anna Lambert and Vk art, as well as: Bh Smoking Accessories, Medican Campus Suriname, Cannabis College Testlab, Girlyweedsmokers, Vybesoflife, Suvernuver, and Evert de Verdamper.

The participants who held the “Hash talk” were: Mila Jansen, Frenchy Cannoli, MikeWwise, Raheem the giftmaker, and Uncle Stoner.

The participants and the guests had the opportunity to enjoy the music by Odd, Ant1, Moltison, Horsemen, Retro Migration, Vinex City Movement, Jimmy Harddisk, and LOIK, while the music line up was curated by friendswithbenefits_amsterdam.

The main sponsors of the event were: Baba Souvenir Shop, Focus v Products and Sensi Seeds.

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