A taste of Naked Espresso

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March 28, 2019
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March 28, 2019

A taste of Naked Espresso

There are many words to describe the Red Light area of Amsterdam, however, classy most probably does not spring to mind. Let us introduce Naked Espresso.

With an already successful coffee hub situated on the Warmoesstraat, this cosy and vibrant store should be in everyone’s ‘places-to-go’.

The two owners Jesper van Stek and Neils, have opened up the best people watching station in Amsterdam. Their 2nd store opened slap-bang in the middle of Dam Square, whilst their other Naked bar is in Warmoesstraat standing strong.

Jesper says “We wanted to create somewhat of an antidote to the many ultra cutsie, hearts everywhere kind of coffee bars, one that is all about awesome coffee made with bad ass equipment.”

This modern and sleek take-away coffee spot has a large terrace outside with chairs and chairs so you can have a break from checking out the winding canals. They have a colour scheme running throughout the company, dark, rustic and minimalist, which is ironically the opposite of the warm, colourful and vibrant produce they sell.

Naked Espresso has the same coffee beans in all stores which are XXX Blend (70% Ethiopia 30% Brazil) which gives you a floral, orange and lemongrass under flavour. The team usually mix up their second beans with what they think is best. They have a well-stocked range of coffee beans which you can buy by the bag, with help from their experienced coffee experts to guide you through there flavours.

The Naked Espresso crew freshly bake croissants (normal and chocolate) and cinnamon swirls every morning, make sure you grab them whilst you can as they’re only cooked once! You could also go face first into the most chocolatey brownie is the city, brought to you by Hemel, these are one heck of a treat to go to with your aromatic coffee.

Overall, Dam Connections enjoyed a quick pit-stop at the take-away Naked Espresso bar. If you’re looking for a fast coffee with a snack in the middle of Amsterdam which won’t rinse your pockets, Naked espresso should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

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