Booth Boys Monthly Trinity – May 2019

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Booth Boys Monthly Trinity – May 2019

A rundown of the most impactful album, song and artist of the month

May has been quite the eventful month, and this is reflected well in the sheer amount of awesome music we have been blessed with.

Album of the Month: RAMMSTEIN, by Rammstein

The first full-length record to be released in roughly a decade by German industrial metal band Rammstein is a big comeback done right.

This self-titled return to form is jam-packed with fan service, while also being the perfect album for newcomers to pick up as it portrays the bands aesthetic perfectly.

This album flows incredibly well, and have some stellar tracks to boot such as “DEUTCHLAND” “RADIO” and “TATTOO” just to name a few.

This album manages to stay incredibly consistent in atmosphere throughout while also keeping each and every track unique. It’s a immaculate and very enjoyable record, and it is a must-listen.

Rammstein – Ausländer (Official Video):

Song of the Month: “Unsainted”, by Slipknot

Before 2019 even began, there was a lot of hype surrounding a new album by Slipknot. Back in late 2018, we were treated to “All Out Life”, a track which we all thought would end up on the final album. However, it somehow became its own solitary track.

The first official track of Slipknot’s upcoming album We Are Not Your Kind came to us this month in fact. It’s name; “Unsainted”.

The nu-metal nine-piece will release their new album in early August, and leading up to this new record, there has been a tonne of anticipation. There has even been word of Slipknot returning to the same level of heaviness they conveyed just under 20 years ago.

While at first, I didn’t pick up on the statement as much when listening to “Unsainted”, I started to notice the similarities more and more as the song continued to grow on me. It has now lead up to it being one of my favourite tracks of May and one that gets me very excited for the new album.

Slipknot – Unsainted (Official Video):

Artist of the Month: Tyler, the Creator

Following the release of his legendary 2017 album Flower Boy, the bar was set incredibly high for American Hip-Hop/R’n’B artist Tyler, the Creator’s next full-length effort.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Tyler surprised us all with the announcement of his latest album IGOR and with this, a new alter ego of the same name. IGOR was then released on the 17th. Before this release date, Tyler teased fans with four short videos which showed little snippets of a selection of songs.

IGOR turned out to be an incredible album once it was out, and garnered praise almost instantly. Towards the end of may, IGOR became the first album by Tyler, the Creator’s first record to reach number 1 on the billboard charts.

Tylers impact this month doesn’t just stop at his new album, however. His ban from performing in the UK has finally been lifted after 5 years. Ironically, the UK prime minister, Theresa May happened to be the one who set the ban into motion. And as Tyler makes his glorious return to Britain, Theresa’s time runs out as prime minister, and she will quit officially on 7th June.

Despite being welcomed back into the UK with open arms, his surprise show in London was shut down before it even started as a result of countless fans being “too rowdy”. Despite this however, Tyler is set to perform at the O2 Academy Brixton, London for 3 individual dates in September.

Tyler The Creator – EARFQUAKE (Official Video):

Tyler The Creator – IGOR (Full Album)

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