Don’t Miss Jungle Dam – The Biggest Drum And Bass Weekender In Amsterdam

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Don’t Miss Jungle Dam – The Biggest Drum And Bass Weekender In Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s passion for fun and music is what has made this city extremely popular with tourists. 

Yes, we all know the qualities Amsterdam has, the beauties it offers its people and its tourists, we all love the Dutch culture, rich history, gorgeous architecture, canals, bridges, boats, and windmills. It is easy to fall in love with Dutch tradition and cuisine, especially Dutch cheese and pancakes!

But it seems that there’s nothing else that can connect people as powerfully as music can, and Amsterdam recognizes that! For that matter, this city has a rich list of music festivals and events throughout the year to match all different tastes and preferences.

But fans of drum and bass music know precisely where their hopes lie! 

Jungle Dam is the biggest Drum and Bass weekender in Amsterdam, and people are already getting hyped up for the next edition, which will be held in March 2020.

After the big success marked the last two years, Jungle Mania, Jungle Jam, and We Love Jungle are joining their forces together again for the best Jungle Drum and Bass event, which will be shaking the grounds from March 13th until March 16th, 2020. 

Keeping in mind this is one of the most significant music events in Amsterdam, everyone who wants to get their ticket, should get their hands on it as soon as possible. Jungle Dam is a strictly limited 1000 capacity event, and the cards are now on sale. 

Jungle Dam returns to the world-famous Panama Club to host the night time events, and it will also feature a fantastic Party Boat equipped with everything there is for full party experience.

The meet and greet will be held at the amazing Prix D’Ami Coffeeshop, and the mindblowing lineup of great artists includes names such as Congo Natty aka Rebel MC, S.P.Y, Dj Randall, Jungle Warriors, DJ Rap, Voltage, DJ Brockie + MC DET, Serial Killaz UK, DJ BRYAN GEE, Benny L, Uncle Dugs, Chopstick Dubplate, Aries, Bladerunner dnb, MC Skibadee, MC Fearless, Mc Spyda, Navigator, Stamina MC, MC Moose, Inter Deejay, Adi-j, DJ Hybrid, Kelvin 373, King Yoof, Jacky Murda and many others! 

But the party doesn’t stop there. 

The exciting Party Boat will sail off on Saturday, March 14th. The Party Boat will depart at 2 PM and return at 6 PM. This is a fantastic opportunity for 600 junglists to have an enjoyable experience, to cruise around the gorgeous Amsterdam while attending a great party! The 600-capacity double-decker party cruise boat will be kitted out with extra sound and lights for those who enjoy the raver vibe, while also enjoying the fully stocked licensed bars and hot food!

On the last day, however, people will be able to join the After Party, which will start at 5 PM and will last until 4 AM. 

So, if this sounds like an attractive event, make sure you save the date and get your ticket on time. Even if you are a tourist, this event will make your trip a whole different type of experience. Jungle Dam offers the best music and fun you will be telling your friends and family about for years to come!

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