If You Didn’t Know, Now You Know: Using Cannabis For Weight Loss?

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If You Didn’t Know, Now You Know: Using Cannabis For Weight Loss?

We live in a world where body image plays a significant role in people’s lives and sometimes in a negative way. Body positivity is something we should all promote for ourselves and others as well, but body positivity, among many other things, means being healthy too. While being a plus-size person doesn’t automatically mean being unhealthy, some cases surely need more attention and care.

People who struggle with extra weight for health reasons and even people who may start developing health issues as a result of that excess weight, solutions are surely out there. But not all of them are for everyone! Each individual has a different body structure, immune system, and medical history, and it is no surprise that general diets, treatments, and DIY procedures don’t show identical results for everyone!
Besides exercising and avoiding sugars and carbs, health professionals and dieticians would recommend switching to greens.
And what else is green other than your typical salad?

Did you know that CBD oil can also be used in the journey of weight loss?
CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis Sativa plant. It was first considered a weightloss solution when it was discovered that the cannabis Sativa plant extract has an effect on metabolism through fat browning, and also has an effect on the endocannabinoid system which results in a regulation of the body’s calorie and energy levels alongside fat and carbohydrates metabolism.

Don’t get confused, though. You may already know that CBD is known to increase appetite, but it also lowers the body’s BMI (Body Mass Index).
One particular study dedicated to determining the effect of CBD in weightloss has proven that CBD oil actively stimulates proteins, thus aiding their breakdown and also plays a significant role in the body’s oxidation of fat. The study also shows that CBD oil has a positive impact on the activity and number of mitochondria, a key component of living cells, which helps in burning excess fat and calories. CBD oil reduces protein expression, thus decreasing lipogenesis (production of fat cells) and helps in enhancing the body’s glucose tolerance. It is also proven how CBD oil plays a role in improving the body’s toxin release system, which is crucial to organ health, burning excess fats, and eliminating the body’s need to store fats in high quantities. And also, CBD oil undergoes a key process known as the ‘fat browning process,’ which involves the conversion of fatty tissues or white adipose into brown adipose tissues. The white tissues are energy-storing, whereas the brown ones are fat and energy-burning tissues.

However, while all of this may sound amazing, it is of great importance for anyone who wants to try this out to carefully choose the form of CBD consumption ( edibles, vape, capsules), and it is also important that the appropriate balance is struck between the levels of THC and CBD. Beginners should start with low to moderate doses, three times a day, and take notes of the effects they feel.
Researchers believe that oral drops via the sublingual region provide the best results, as well as vaping.

Body shaming is not something we approve of, but people who seriously consider doing an extra step to lose weight may enjoy this technique, especially after a number of failed attempts in the kitchen or the gym. However, CBD is not magic, and it still requires a person to do all the other things, such as watching their diet and doing basic exercises, in order to achieve the best results!

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