Interactive Cannabis Events in Amsterdam

Where to smoke and chill in Amsterdam
June 27, 2019
710 Amsterdam Art Fair
August 12, 2019

Interactive Cannabis Events in Amsterdam

Want a Cannabis event with an educational twist? 

Welcome to the world of Uncle Stoners Squash Off, a place to divulge in the historical and scientific side of cannabis with dedicated members within the global industry. There will be, and always has been space for the recreational smoking sessions which run through the city, however, if you want a little more from your smoke session and are specifically interested in rosin, this is your event. 

Squash Off was a part of 710 Amsterdam (710 art fair). 710 Amsterdam was the first live glass and street art event of the Netherlands. It brought together multidisciplinary art and cannabis culture together by organizing talks, live art demo workshops, network dinners, meetings, and the USA Squash Off over a period of 4 days.

Uncle Stoner’s old stomping ground used to Amsterdam, he is back with and his team. They have years of experience within the Cannabis industry; Stoner started in the industry as a grower in Cali, ended up having relationships with hemperors such as Jack Herer and he now uses his life experience and knowledge to teach a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts.

They focus on pressing rosin/ extract and methodically talk you through the process. You sit around with cannabis-connoisseurs who face the audience to specifically judge the products to those attending. You can ask questions that are specific for your field, for example, if the judges give a certain entry a 4 on terpene profile, the audience can ask why. The team use microscopes to check the buds and THC content, which the audience then see on screens, this gives full transparency to the judging process and can enable people to be more experienced when checking their buds.

 What’s so fantastic about this event is that you can have one-on-one communication and personal lessons with these activists Let’s say if you are personally interested in the formulation of crystals, what exactly are terpenes and phenotypes, you can ask and they can show you, if possible. 

It’s really important for people to have an open space for discussion around these topics, especially when in most countries, these sorts of meetups are illegal. With the new process’ of making extracts and the medicinal side of cannabis booming, it’s only right that we educate ourselves the best we can and why not with professionals. 

I personally have met Uncle Stoner at a few Cannabis events here in Amsterdam and have always been impressed with his encyclopedia-like mind and his rich experiences in pretty much all aspects of Cannabis. Dam Connections interviewed Uncle Stoner specifically for the judging houses at The Jack Herer Cup and we have a lengthy discussion about different aspects of cannabis, ranging from his analysis of weed, cali weed and his early days in the industry.

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