The Best Escape Rooms In Amsterdam

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The Best Escape Rooms In Amsterdam

Adrenaline addicts, we have some fantastic tips for you!

If you like the feeling of an adrenaline rush, if you enjoy riddles and solving puzzles and if escaping a danger sounds attractive to you, you may have already heard or even tried an escape room. These adventure games are getting increasingly popular everywhere and it is probably the favorite activity a horror film fan can enjoy.

If you are living or are currently staying in Amsterdam and feel brave enough to live through some of the scariest horror situations as seen in horror movies, and on top of that, to solve a puzzle in order to get out and save yourself, here is a list of the most popular Escape Rooms in Amsterdam you might consider visiting:

1. Zombie Escape Amsterdam

Located on Fokke Simonszstraat, Zombie Escape Amsterdam is just that – A zombie apocalypse. In this, Amsterdam is under attack from zombies and you are required to solve some mind-challenging riddles and piece some clues together in order to escape the room you are being locked in. You will have to do it in less than an hour, though! This game can be played between two or eight people.

2. Save Amsterdam

Save Amsterdam is located on Cornelis van Alkemadestr 69-73 and its three escape rooms have different themes but the same goal: to save Amsterdam from disaster. You can either enter a black hole, escape a lab explosion caused apocalypse or escape a flood, but in order to save yourself and Amsterdam, you will have to solve some difficult riddles. The rooms include motion sensors and special effects for the full escape room experience.

3. Escape World Amsterdam

This place located on Houtkopersdwarsstraat 3, currently features six different rooms with different themes. Choose between “Cabin in the Woods”, “The Flying Dutchman”, “The chocolate factory”, “Midnight Magic” or “The Missing bridge” and enjoy the time of your life!

4. Arcade Invasion Escape Room

If you go to Arcade Invasion, which is located on Foeliestraat 16, you will be expected to find your way through a real-life 8-bit landscape, and use your very own pixelated laser gun to defeat life-size Space Invaders. Team up with five more people to defeat the biggest, baddest villains of arcade games!

5. Rijksmuseum Escape Game: In the shadow of Rembrandt

Allow this Escape Game to help you experience the Rijksmuseum in a unique way. Team up with two to five people and start working as a researcher, the Rijksmuseum employee Bert who finds an old sketch of the museum with a very strange date. Get in his shoes to solve the mystery! This escape room is located on Museumstraat 1.

6. Judgment Day escape room

This Escape Room, located on Weteringschans 187 A, will let you experience the year 2029, when humanity is losing its battle against machines. However, resistance fighters have discovered a secret military bunker, once used for secret military developments, which now is unfortunately out of service. The bunker may still contain technology which can help humanity, and your mission as a player is to infiltrate and find out what is hiding inside the bunker.

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