The Best Smoker-Friendly Accommodations in Amsterdam

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August 23, 2019
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The Best Smoker-Friendly Accommodations in Amsterdam

Rare are those who dislike traveling! Most of us look forward to the next trip! Traveling is exciting!

Seeing new countries, cities and places you’ve been either dreaming about visiting or have never even heard about before brings joy and sparks up the curiosity and the need for seeing more! Learning about different cultures and traditions, art, history or even modern ways of living is what makes people spiritually and culturally rich!

And if you feel like you belong in this group of people, you may also already know the struggle that comes with traveling – finding and booking the perfect accommodation!

Some like camping or van-traveling and are doing just fine under any circumstances. Some are used to crashing at motels and hostels, some prefer Airbnb’s and some can’t imagine their trip without a luxurious hotel room!

No matter how you prefer your accommodation, we can all agree it has the power to either top off the already perfectly planned out trip, or simply ruin it! And especially if you are in a search of a smoker-friendly accommodation, you already know how difficult it may be in different countries!

But here’s something you can get excited about if you are planning to visit Amsterdam soon and staying at a smoker-friendly accommodation is important to you!

However, it is essential to follow the smoker-friendly hotels’ rules, as each hotel has different ones. Some specify that smoking in the room is allowed, but most of the time there are smoking lounges available.

Here’s a list of the 5 best places where you can stay during your next trip and not worry about smoking weed in the facilities.

1. Flying Pig Downtown and Uptown – Located on two addresses, this hostel lives up to the world standards and offers both nice private and cozy dorm style rooms. The prices are amazing for what you are getting!

2. The Bulldog Hotel – This amazing hostel is even cheaper than the previous one and the friendly staff is prepared to help the customers at any given moment! There is an option of booking a private dorm room and also a female dorm room. Each of these rooms has its own facilities.

3. Hotel Abba – This hotel is the only one that officially allows smoking cannabis in the rooms. They say they wish their customers to really experience Amsterdam and feel their unique spirit! This place is one of the most famous one, so booking your room in advance is a good idea.

4. Christofers Inn – Located at the Winston, this facility is mainly a hostel which features private rooms as well.

5. International Budget Hostel – This hostel is located in the city center and is a bit smaller than usual. Here you can choose between a bed in a dorm room for 8-10 people or a triple or quadruple room. Keep in mind that there are no double or single rooms here, but the prices are very attractive!

It is important to make sure you know the law and respect it! As long as you are doing things exactly how they are regulated, you can feel at ease and enjoy your trip to the fullest!  

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