What can you do in Amsterdam during the summer?

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What can you do in Amsterdam during the summer?

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city no matter what time of the year it is! But this place gets a new face and fresh energy during the summer months, and people who live in Amsterdam would say it is by far their favorite season. Everything comes to life when the weather gets warm and there are so many more opportunities to go out, walk, explore. There are festivals going on, the museums are filled with tourists, the open cafes are exploding from positive energy and laughter, people are sunbathing on the beaches near Amsterdam or in its gorgeous green parks… There is just so much to do in Amsterdam during the summer, and if you are thinking about visiting this place, don’t hesitate! August is especially beautiful in Amsterdam and you will go home with a heart, mind and a camera full of memories!

1. Take time to enjoy at Vondelpark.

Grab your favorite book and your refreshing drink and head to the Vondelpark. Enjoy the sun, or hide in the thick shadows of the trees and get some nice rest. Or you could just join your friends in a game or any activities this park offers. You can also drink and smoke here, but make sure you do it carefully! And for music and film lovers, this park offers you free Festivals during summer, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

2. Go Canal Cruising

One of the most popular tourist activities is exactly the canal cruising. But you can’t say locals don’t enjoy this as well. No matter whether you live here or you are just visiting, canal cruising is the best way to explore the city. Plus, from a boat, you are probably getting the best view of the city and its gorgeous canal houses. There are many affordable tours you could join and the best part is, you don’t tire your feet!

3. Find the best places where you can drink and have fun

Drinking in moderation, that is! There are numerous open cafe bars and beer pubs that give their visitors the opportunity to chill or have fun in the open. No matter if you’d rather go for a cup of coffee, refreshing juice, beer, a fine glass of wine or a delicious tropical cocktail, having fun with amazing music under the open sky is a great way to spend the warm summer evenings in Amsterdam.

4. Visit the beaches of Amsterdam

If you don’t feel like getting on a plane and flying to Bora Bora for some sun and water, no one can blame you! Amsterdam has some amazing sandy beaches that offer great summer attractions and water sport activities! Whether you decide to visit the Zandvoort Beach, the Bloemendaal aan Zee or the Noordwijk beach, make sure you layer on some sunscreen, stay hydrated and enjoy the waves and the beach parties!

5. Join the Pride Parade in August

Amsterdam hosts one of the most amazing Pride Parades in the world. The sole fact that this city is known as a City of Freedom makes this experience that much better! The LGBTQ+ community celebrates their sexuality and diversity on open boats cruising through the canals while the entire city is bathing in colors of the rainbow and music is being blasted everywhere!

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