What We Need To Know About Cannabis And Coronavirus

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What We Need To Know About Cannabis And Coronavirus

The world is dealing with a real challenge these past few months. Ever since we heard about the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, back in December 2019, people started fearing the virus might spread globally, and now it did. 

With the WHO declaring an official pandemic, humanity is now put on a trial. Therefore, we would like to share some of the precautionary measures we should all take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

And, if you happen to be a cannabis user, this article will help you tremendously!

Stop sharing joints, blunts, and bongs while the Coronavirus is spreading!

This should go without question. Passing a joint around is the best way to spread this Coronavirus or any virus for that matter. You may want to think more about this in the future as well. As of right now, try to avoid anything you put in your mouth with anyone else at all costs!  

Wash your hands frequently

You will hear this a lot! Surprisingly, now that we see how quickly this virus is spreading, medical specialists have noticed that people are not watching their hands enough and adequately! And this is shocking! So, make sure that every time you want to take a bit of anything, your munchies included, you wash your hands for a count of 20 seconds. 

Stay away from unproven coronavirus remedies

While we do know that CBD has impressive health and anti-inflammatory properties, we should remember that it has not yet been scientifically proven that it can cure COVID-19! We still don’t know that much about the virus itself; a remedy has not been found yet, so we can not claim that CBD can help! 

Avoid physical contact with others

Stay away from people! Keep at least 1,5-2 m distance and give up the habit of shaking hands. Instead, go for an elbow bump! Or simply give the Vulcan salute (Star Trek reference). And while we’re at it, we’d like to remind you that this virus can stay alive for hours (sometimes even days) on some open surfaces, such as plastic, wood, and steel, so make sure you wash your hands whenever you touch any of them! 

Watch out for any symptoms

The COVID-19 symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • If you have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient or traveled recently to an area with an ongoing spread.

Even if you do show some of these symptoms, do not panic and don’t run off to the ER right away! Going out during a pandemic could be risky for you or the people around you. So make sure you stay at home and isolate yourself first. Call a doctor and tell them your symptoms. They will most likely send a team to test you if needed!

Prepare for a self-quarantine

A quarantine means making no contact with anyone else! A quarantine means working from home, if possible. Order food delivery if needed! Stay patient; you will see your family and friends very soon. Until then, you may enjoy your favorite cannabis products all by yourself! 

This situation inevitably asks the question of whether this will affect the cannabis industry. Having in mind that most vape batteries and wholesale vape cartridges are manufactured in China, we can see it will in some ways. Those supply chains have already seen slowdowns and disruption due to quarantines impacting the Chinese manufacturing sector. Much of the packaging materials utilized by cannabis companies are also manufactured in China, so a downturn in those materials may result in a slowdown in stateside production. The development of new cannabis-related products may be slowed as well, as designers and manufacturers can’t rely on a steady supply of wholesale products and materials from China right now.

COVID-19 will also have an impact on the 4/20 celebrations. The organizers are canceling or postponing their events.

However, this, too, shall pass! We need to remember that panic leads nowhere, and all we can do is stay smart, wash our hands, and try to avoid human contact as long as we are all instructed. 

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